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Big public house of the international outside Hainan Jia Zhenghai (SamSung)

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Abroad hotel is give priority to a problem with natural hot spring, collect business affairs, conference, travel, recreational the SamSung class hotel that is an organic whole. Wine merchant building is 16 tall, repose at big talk city road of the most flourishing hill of trade center the five fingers 11, large department store reachs public place of entertainment all around bristly, shop convenient, environment happy person; The hotel is apart from United States orchid 15-20 of International Airport, station, dock minute distance, situation is advantageous, traffic is convenient, it is your good staying part. The hotel has of all kinds establishment all ready, elegant and comfortable level, luxurious guest room 215 (cover) , the natural warm spring water of 800 meters of 50 ℃ of subterranean is direct every guest room, let you 24 hours enjoy the infinite glamour of bath of bubble of natural hot spring alone; First floor “ sheds hall of Western-style food of golden years ” to decorate elegance of fastidious, environment, manage various coffee, tea tea, drink, small feed, formula, it is your can recreational, friendly good place; Hall of Chinese meal of ” of garden of countryside of Sichuan of 2 buildings “ from early tea of elegant and sterling type of another name for Guangdong Province, to the new group with authentic flavour plain dish, with perfect grade, satisfy you diverse demand; The assembly room that provides advanced conference to serve a system can be accommodated 60 to 300 people, it is the first selection that you hold Wu of parliament of report of of all kinds learning, meeting. In the meantime, the public house is other set room of card of ticket of carry out of business affairs center, aviation, fitness, sauna, chess to wait for service facilities, stay for yours offer all advantage.

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