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Edifice of commerce of big talk international (4 stars)

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Edifice of commerce of big talk international is located in business of big talk town flourishing area, it is cafe of the commerce of type of complete set room with only downtown garden, communication is easy.
The edifice has the conference center with the apartment type suite with the refined and the oldest banqueting hall, spacious area inside city, all ready function, environment the office building of happy person, establishment of beautiful luxuriantly green of gloomy of the garden a winding path leading to a secluded spot of edifice have as an attached institution, tropical vegetation, peace and happiness is deployed all ready, be located in downtown, do not have car horse noisy however, it is business affairs of friend of all circles guest office, go vacationing the good place of accommodation to sit a meeting.
Edifice of commerce of big talk international is You Kaiyue (Hong Kong) hotel property supervises company management, act on “ content to be worth somewhat, the management concept of the domestic ” that guest is at ease, provide high quality service for guest by attentive and seasoned, considerate employee.
Welcome you to come to edifice of commerce of big talk international!

Restaurant sets the business affairs center, service that order a ticket, service that rent a car, service sending eat, wash dress Wu, newspaper, bazaar.

The hotel is located in downtown, be apart from the airport 25 kilometers.

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