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Big public house of Hainan gold Chinese flowering crabapple (SamSung)

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Hotel introduction
Hotel of business affairs of Chinese flowering crabapple of big talk gold (Yuan Xinghua big public house) it is Jin Haitang business affairs of class of SamSung of recreational of the room of a market that hotel management limited company is in charge of managing, meal hotel. The hotel has all sorts of luxurious guest room 118 (set) deserve to have business affairs center, bazaar, Western-style food hall, Chinese meal hall, big in the service facilities such as small conference, hotel decorates luxurious, elegance and the service of quick and considerate, meticulously, it is the good choice of business affairs guest and tourist.
The hotel is located in road of government office of sea of big talk city tourist attraction of government of province of 54 date, adjacent provincial Party committee, travel 5 fair ancestral temple, communication is easy, be apart from station dock 20 minutes minute, the airport Cheng of 30 minutes of cars.

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