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In the morning: In the morning 8: Doorways of 00 Yu Molu garden assemble, 8: 30 punctual set out. Look around on the west the coast is banding park, visiting Hai Ruiji reads aloud garden, visit “ charactizing a fine spring day east hill lake, tropics of Hainan of ”—— of cereal of zoology of the Land of Peach Blossoms is wild vivid arboretum.
Midday: In the flamingo dining-room to have lunch inside intertropical wild vivid arboretum.
Afternoon: Visit Hainan to provide —— of representative humanitarian historic site most academy of classical learning of 5 fair ancestral temple, stage fining jade, old street of visiting big talk, southern Asia arcade-house, return big talk 10 thousand green garden come loose round.

   Hai Ruiji reads aloud garden On the west coastal scene Big talk belfry 5 fair ancestral temple

Supply a level

1, have dinner: 8 dish one soup, 10 people one desk, do not contain wine water beverage;
2, with the car: Trailer coach of luxurious air conditioning;
3, entrance ticket: Entrance ticket of path of tourist attraction head (do not contain cableway of each tourist attraction / storage battery car) ;
4, tourist guide: Excellent guidebook serves;
5, ★ of   of honoured guest guest is enjoyed receive send pay;
★ Chinese meal enjoys game food, fresh fruit juice, flesh of venison, ostrich.

5 people above can become a group independently, time freedom is arranged.
Honoured guest guest 288 yuan / person

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