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Big talk swims one day- - intertropical amorous feelings

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In the morning: In the morning 8: 00 set out at square of night fair of the 100th goods, head for Hai Ruimu. Park of crater country geology, view and admire have thick desire the song and dance of ethical characteristic.
Midday: Lunch.
Afternoon: Visit the Hainan Dong Shanye that is known as ” of garden of peach of “ charactizing a fine spring day, world vivid arboretum, the 100th China night fair square comes loose round, the end is happy and itinerary.

Hai Ruimu Crater park The hippo in garden of Hainan wild animal

Supply a level

Have dinner: 8 dish one soup, 10 people one desk, do not contain wine water beverage (differ by the number eat adventitious) ;
With the car: Trailer coach of luxurious air conditioning;
Entrance ticket: Entrance ticket of path of tourist attraction head (do not contain cableway of each tourist attraction / storage battery car) ;
Tourist guide: Excellent guidebook serves;

Send a group every day, one day swims 3 people can become a group.

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