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Hainan tropics amorous feelings 5 days of 4 evening are recreational swim

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Serial number Accommodation of scheduling The first day Resist big talk, enter a public house big talk The following day The car sees view of river of 10 thousand springs, statue of gules detachment of women, forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle----Multiply beach of row jade belt, sample freely coffee, flourishing and intertropical arboretum, can watch person bewitching show at one's own expenses in the evening, bath hot spring. Flourishing The 3rd day Stockaded village of goosefoot village seedling, base of dive of size the East China Sea (phreatic water charge provides for oneself) , pearl culture house, swim the remotest corners of the earth, the car sees coconut dream a covered corridor or walk, can sample at one's own expenses in the evening Hainan seafood big eat. 3 inferior The 4th day View world young lady chooses beautiful contest ground----Beautiful coronal exterior, marine zoo, thailand is royal elephant performs a house, swim size hole day, visiting the Crystal Palace, hot spring of Na Tian small fish (charge provides for oneself) , enjoy tea art performance, can take royal You Lun at one's own expenses in the evening noctivagant 3 inferior bay. 3 inferior World of sea floor of You Yalong bay of the 5th day of   , sample freely the fish is dry, ascend Hainan the first hill----East mountain ridge (if sit,cableway provides for oneself) , macrocosm of Hainan special local product, end the travel of happy intertropical sunshine. Quote: 580 Yuan / person   recieves a standard: 1, accommodation: Between SamSung class hotel or two-men of the standard that be the same as class; Do not offer natural cell; Filling room of female beard of generation odd male single is poor; 2, have dinner: 8 dish one soup, the fruit after eat (7 4 early, prandial 20 yuan / person / eat) ; 3, with the car: Air conditioning trailer coach; 4, tourist guide: Excellent guidebook serves; 5, safe: Already contained risk of accident of travel security person; 6, tourist attraction: Contain the place on the journey to list entrance ticket of path of tourist attraction head (charge provides for oneself except) ; * does not contain the journey besides at one's own expenses program and the individual cost that private institute produces; * does not contain the cost such as the bed of 12 years old of the following children, entrance ticket. Entrance ticket freeboard provides for oneself; If encounter special account to cancel,* gives a project, our company will not withdraw charge; Because * is round the cost that the manpower such as friendly oneself reason or natural disaster cannot defy an element to create the route raises to provide for oneself by round friend; If * guest complains the opinion feedback watch that fills in with be in Hainan place to be accurate; * is in assure a tourist attraction not below reductive circumstance, our company retain the power that adjusts the journey. Tourist of   of   of note is being visited in because of individual reason not have dinner, not housing, did not enter a tourist attraction or hold certificate of all sorts of give special treatment to wait, money is same do not retreat! (the person that include freewill   to leave a group)   because weather is torrid, insolation time is long, take good sunglass please, swimsuit, rain gear, sunstroke prevention prevents the necessary drug of mosquito bite; The attention when dabble is safe; Recognize article quality notes when shopping, after valueing, buy again; Main vehicle is air conditioning trailer coach on the island, reason grows by car time, if have carsick, ask provide for oneself carsick medicine and individual are necessary medicines and chemical reagents. Friendship hints (the following at one's own expenses the project is belonged to attend optionally of one's own accord, charge is not in journey quote) Small fish hot spring 168 yuan / person Water lung dives 249 yuan / person Red actor performs 150 yuan / the person is noctivagant 3 inferior bay 150 yuan / person Seafood gust big eat 150 yuan / person Hainan 4 name dish 80 yuan / person

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