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Big talk swims one day: Harmonious brigade

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In the morning: In the morning 8: 00 set out at square of night fair of the 100th goods, visit peak of style of writing of —— of center of culture of Taoist school of hill of island celestial being, the yin and yang that experiences Taoist school is harmonious.
Midday: Lunch.
Afternoon: Visit China —— of the biggest park of zoology culture theme is at present intertropical fowl world. Look let a hundred flowers blossom, listen to salvo of 10 thousand birds, view and admire performance of alarmingly dangerous, humor bird of prey. Hainan colour is headed for to play shooting range later, cease the smoke of gunpowder of check battle time, cherish the smiling face of peaceful time. The 100th China night fair square comes loose round, the end is happy and itinerary.


Supply a level:

Have dinner: 8 dish one soup, 10 people one desk, do not contain wine water beverage (different number eat adventitious) ;
With the car: Trailer coach of luxurious air conditioning;
Entrance ticket: Entrance ticket of path of tourist attraction head (do not contain cableway of each tourist attraction / storage battery car) ;
Tourist guide: Excellent guidebook serves;

Send a group one day to swim every day 3 people can become a group

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A day of how many money
Member at 2007-11-5 9:02:00 publish
The journey is different, the price is different also, you can be nodded seek advice 0898- - 66552301
Netizen at 2007-11-2 20:57:00 publish
One day swims how many money

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