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Big talk swims one day- - the brigade of zoology

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In the morning: In the morning 8: Doorways of 00 Yu Molu garden assemble, 8: 30 set out, look around on the west the coast is banding park, visit Chinese head home to read extensively with intertropical wild vivid arboretum, the tropics of park —— Hainan that popular science gives priority to a problem is wild vivid arboretum.
Midday: In Hainan tropics the flamingo dining-room to have lunch inside wild vivid arboretum.
Afternoon: Visit intertropical zoology airport, marine mangrove, hundred years very tall tree, bank to watch marine village, visit civilized zoology village, grandparent and grandchild to pull hand banyan, unripe oyster to breed base, the car sees big bridge of city fining jade, return big talk 10 thousand green garden come loose round.

   On the west the coast The peacock of the zoo Airport of big talk zoology Big talk 10 thousand green garden

Supply a level:

Have dinner: 8 dish one soup, 10 people one desk, do not contain wine water beverage;
With the car: Trailer coach of luxurious air conditioning;
Entrance ticket: Entrance ticket of path of tourist attraction head (do not contain cableway of each tourist attraction / storage battery car) ;
Tourist guide: Excellent guidebook serves;
Honoured guest guest: ★ is enjoyed receive send pay.
★ Chinese meal enjoys game food, fresh fruit juice, flesh of venison, ostrich.
★ dinner enjoys seafood gust eat.

5 people above can become a group independently, time freedom is arranged.
Honoured guest guest 268 yuan / person

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