Guide of entertainment of big talk city

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Big talk comes LAILAI music bar
Store of trade of gold of trade of nation of big talk city Kendeji 3 buildings (everlasting by)

Nightclub of emperor of the Supreme Being
Na Baolu

KISS nightclub
Highway of seaside of big talk city building of 4-5 of big public house of seascape of 69 treasure China

City of high entertainment of thunder fire taxi
Park of seaside highway seaside

New China house of archer music beer
South Long Kun before slope on the west village 166 rock-bottom shop front

Happy hundred wine city
Country the Lu Kende in trade base 4 buildings

Good come house music
Dragon China road 68 (between Long Hua elementary school and Na Daqiao)

Bao Laina bar (former 0898 actor bar)
Dark blue of sea pasture island Jiang Sandong road 22 (the sea amounts to road crossing)

House of embellish spring beer
Jiang Donglu of edge of sea pasture island 2

Peaceful highway (on big public house of extensive region island)

Dimensional music bar
Along Jiang Erdong road

Going back on his word not to visit public house
Along Jiang Erdong road

Public house of name ancient room
Hai Dian 2 east road

Heat bar
Pasture of peaceful highway sea 3 east road a shop front (annulus island peaceful is gotten on)

Bored room public house
Hai Dian 2 east road

Public house of 500 lis of regions
By guesthouse of center of white dragon road fining jade

Bar of blue dream lover
How does peaceful highway believe edifice CF—5#

In former days feelings bar
How does peaceful highway believe edifice CF—5#

Turbine bar
China sea route brings sea large building first H

Actor bar
Edge of sea pasture island Jiang Sandong road

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