Big talk is popular evening show map

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Name Phone Address If spend musical theme bar 66272313 peace highway and 3 east the road is handed in collect place is medium new large buildingSeeClub 66552828 seaside highway revives 32 numbers city C area 1 buildingLV bar Road of hill of 65359959 the five fingers edifice of 12 blessing grandQuantity of Alan story KTV is peddled Highway of trade of nation of city of 68512128 big talk is medium judge edificeTime story bar 66569898 seaside highway 32 order is new outside the beach revives city B areaKasabulanka makes friend Happy scene garden blocks north of 68595851 nation trade Sabulanka is handed in friendlyCLASS carat this bar Pasture of sea of city of 66289111 big talk 5 on the west Lu Zhaona green island homeGet together crafty KYV Dragon of city of 66244888 big talk armour of Hua Lu 16#Square of China garden times North of elder brother of dragon of 66785999 big talkV2 CLUB Highway of trade of nation of 68528677 big talk city0001 recreation meet the aristocrat 3-7 of road of dragon of gold of city of 68597222 big talk numberFan Ersai measures the KTV that peddle style The road austral elder brother of dragon of big talk of Hainan of 66798118     12 Tang Cheng edifices   of   of 2 buildings  Gong Jie thinks of bar Pasture of sea of city of 66250939 big talk 3 eastNightclub of Bao Hua KISS 68536699 turn highway of seaside of city of 6426 big talk 69 dateNew flaunt go vacationing recreational harbor 68523333 country trade highwayNocturnal Shanghai recreation Road of north of 68539777 nation trade edifice of 26 golden tradeCity of bright phearl song Square of bright phearl of 13136075730 Hai Xiulu 8 buildingsBig Shanghai club The road austral elder brother of dragon of city of 66711111 big talk 50 date66 Square of commerce of source of beauty of highway of 66700066 nation tradeClub of international of fine shellfish time   Big bridge of century of 66566999 big talk city side revives on the west cityHall of peaceful city singing and dancing The road austral 65352777 peace 74 dateTriumphant Yue recreational square The road austral elder brother of dragon of city of 6618666 big talk 71 date

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