The recreational means of big talk

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Recreation of big talk cityThe program is full of stimulation, new pattern emerges in endlessly, if you come to big talk, might as well try!

AsHainan saves travel causedevelop flourishingly, the recreational group of big talk city also follows development to rise, beautify hair with respect to hairdressing, sauna fitness, golf, nightclub, club, bar, cafe, quantity peddles the recreation have everything that one expects to find such as KTV, cinema. Arrived especially nightly, scene of debauchery of the city zone, put on a false show of peace and prosperity, stream of people emerges move, all sorts of recreation establishment are fought eagerly colourful, a when make austral island not nocturnal city.

   1, coffee tea art

Bar is very small endowment place, big talk is a recreational city, sundry cafe, bar and recreational cafes place are prosperous in recent years rise. Old tree coffee, go up insular coffee public praise is pretty good. The recreational way station that resembles Tai Longcheng, take shelter from the wind coffee, sky blue coast, the coffee time of emancipatory road, take shelter from the wind cabinet; The ground of recreational food flourishing that slash cliff of time of Hai Xiulu's Hengmeile, coffee, celestial being is complex formula meal. The good place of the person first selection that art house waits tea of company of tea of Chinese tea path, China, green island a moment is quality of very exquisite life and emotional appeal. Someone says, the bar of big talk most amorous feelings, this amorous feelings is semi-tropical amorous feelings, taxi of Gong Saijie bar, snow room public house, Hollywood bar, ox is advanced wait for these small public house, although scale is not large, but amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds.

   2, nightclub

The nightclub of big talk city added flowery picture for the night life of big talk, recreational program is relatively a few opener also. The red mill show of Chinese city all shows French romance amorous feelings. Big Shanghai club is a nightclub with big talk larger scale, square of entertainment of evening of China garden night club, gold is famouser gas, person energy of life very the nightclub of flourishing. ” of “ Wen Hua and ” of “ state guest are most two nightclubs that accept southeast Asia and Taiwan brethren favour.

3, Recreational recreation is applied

Actually big talk recreation is night life not merely, recreational recreation motion also accepts favour fully. Tennis, bowling is in a lot of hotels even residential village has establishment of form a complete set. Hainan 16 golf field, big talk has 6, lunar bay meeting, beauty inspects golf to spent international golf in May the air that meeting, stage amounts to golf to all can show a noble to move etc. The metropolis such as theater of city of silver-colored dragon shadow, peaceful shadow city, Wen Longying brings big food of spirit and vision to you.
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