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On June 16, people is watching steam ball. That day, fetlock of big talk steam held the activity of urban district of big talk of steam ball cross, bring so that the citizen contends for watch. Zhao Ying of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed completely

On June 16 morning, chen Ci of secretary of big talk municipal Party committee says when accepting media to interview: Current, big talk is put in “ city about heavy name a person for a particular job of the branch travel is transformed and over resource conformity ” , make recreation of big talk “ with 3 years of time the new form of ” . When the reporter asks Hainan begins rich colour trade whether possibly, chen Ci denies readily: “ is impossible. ”

Ball of steam of China of 2 00 7 H1 flies across the “ that undertaking in big talk challenge of channel of city fining jade and ” of fetlock of steam of first big talk, become coconut city to make “ sunshine big talk, recreation one of significant activities of ” city brand.

Chen Ci says: Be located in big talk “ recreation surely ” is according to its the environment of oneself, resource and characteristic decide. The photograph is more rich to travel resource 3 inferior, the big talk that regards provincial capital as the city is in activity of economy, business affairs, ab extra often live the respect such as population, international or regional conference has clear advantage, because how this satisfies the consumptive characteristic of these groups, make all guests to big talk happy, healthy ground recreation, the Chongzhongzhi that makes progress of big talk tourism is heavy.

When Chen Ci is answering a reporter to begin the query of rich variety line of business whether possibly about Hainan, deny readily: “ is impossible. ”He says, rich variety line of business is in a few countries or area special be current, look in a lot of people rich colour also is one kind lies fallow with recreational means, but in Chinese tradition culture setting falls, “ bets black ” of ” and “ often of mutual correlation, accordingly, rich variety line of business lacks the soil that begins in China. Chen Ci still says: Look in his individual, a city or area place economic point of growth is very babyish on rich variety line of business, accordingly, “ of rich variety line of business is begun in big talk impossible, also no point. ”

Chen Ci introduces, make recreation of big talk “ afresh ” city brand basically includes 3 fields:

It is right the city undertakes travelling changing transforming, resource travels inside integrated city, at present municipal Party committee, municipal government has been in the plan throws a few on this project 100 million; 2 it is to form it is axes with big talk, the travel of radiation periphery city, county is encircled, unite travel resource, the design gives the line of high-quality goods travel that covers big talk and circumjacent area; 3 it is to increase Kang Tiyu's happy strength, regard breach as ” of “ sports sale. Develop increasingly in Chinese economy today, fitness is recreational increasingly from fashionable predominate, the big talk that having distinctive climate and geographical requirement has advantaged advantage here. The golf field of big talk has enjoyed high reputation in home, current, concerned respect still is in connection of as total as national sports bureau, national group travel of Education Foundation “ turns sail board ” , communicating with relevant section even, NBA Education Foundation is built in big talk.
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