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Big talk and most southern city are same, it is the place with a very rich night life, no matter be to arrive in the bar of characteristic small sit, still arrive lively nightclub recreation, or it is the nocturnal gear to the side of the street small feed, flavour of can fine when curtain of night arrives serif the original part of this city.
Small stick person: Nightly go out want to notice when recreation, have extend to you the person of travel and card of airline ticket information, must not answer stubble, should not buy airline ticket to its more or join tourism group, lest be deceived.
Good and evil people mixed up of public place of entertainment, the tourist is in amuse oneself while the money thing that does not want him inattentivegeneral idea.
Before the lady goes out, had better take jewelry completely, and notice do not head for public place of entertainment alone.

Recreation is recommended

Drink old father tea

It is Hainan person likes to drink tea, chatting place most. Inn of tea of big talk old father is decorated without what, face a market a shop front, discharge stool of a few pieces of desks, need not make an appointment beforehand, even if is tea guest orders one bottle the tea of money of a few wool, from early in the morning all the time bubble arrives crepuscular afternoon hind, still be a service considerate. Inn of old father tea often is set in alley of small market of old the city zone.
Little knowledge: Inn of tea of ” of “ old father just as its name implies, just as its name implies, it is old father amahs get together the place that drinks tea. The tea here is again common end of the green tea that does not pass, black tea, or it is self-restrained chrysanthemum, jasmine flower tea is waited a moment, want to taste tea to go to tea art house. Here, tea guests often the edge drinks tea, the edge eats fastfood, inn of tea of ” of “ old father is fastfood breed is varied, it is to have fastfood optimal place. Fastfood oar of yam soup, gram, Qing Dynasty fills decoct of fruit of rice of decoct of the tremella of egg of cool, quail that boil, cassava, “ piles blood of ” , pig miscellaneous mix etc, sweet, salty, have everything that one expects to find, each have local color.

Bar of sea pasture island of island of pasture of of great capacity of a market 3 east road, the distance that walks 10 minutes, it is big talk however most distinctive bar focuses the land.


The nightclub of big talk city added flowery picture for the night life of big talk, recreational program is relatively a few opener also. The red mill show of Chinese city all shows French romance amorous feelings. Big Shanghai club is a nightclub with big talk larger scale, square of entertainment of evening of China garden night club, gold is famouser gas, person energy of life very the nightclub of flourishing. ” of “ Wen Hua and ” of “ state guest are most two nightclubs that accept southeast Asia and Taiwan brethren favour.
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