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Of Hainan " south bead coronal "

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“ has two Japan company at present, those who return those who have 3 home to have collective with the individual, also have Guangdong there come over to raise, still have the company of area of Taiwan of a China. Have 6, 7 bigger, still have a few 0 medicinal powder medicinal powder small bead farming raising. The dimensions that breeds one year is controlled in 800 kilograms. Hainan pearl course of study I feel it develops jointly with tourism, the development of profit from tourism, drove the development of pearl course of study. If our processing technique can rise further, breed the word that crop can come up, exit is sold should have perspective abroad. ”

Walk into colourful Hainan to save 3 inferior city travel shopping market, pearl product gained the favour of broad consumer. The pearl that passes treatment especially more consumer place loves. Accordingly, the high-grade pearl such as give up of pearl necklace, pearl getting is acted the role of taste 1000 kinds no less than getting on, become adorn those who taste kingdom is important. Large quantities of one pearl such as calligraphy and painting of handicraft of pearl powder, pearl, pearl machine a product to also come out in succession, make the hairdressing of pearl, officinal value got be usinged effectively, also made larger contribution for the healthy progress of Hainan pearl course of study.

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