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Rare world jewellery---Gong Shanhu

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According to the requirement of treatment, when only the bough diameter when Gong Shanhu exceeds 1 centimeter, ability makes the raw material of the handicraft that make, just have commercial value, fine carve of carve of essence of repass skillful craftsman, just make rare world jewelry. If be in shop of jewelry of museum of Beijing the Imperial Palace,the Buddha of that 6 arms that reveal locks up the high-quality goods that wring dragon, wonderful artical excelling nature, invaluable, it is the husk that cannot be measured with market price.

Red coral fishery
Of red coral fishery promote decline as inseparable as the market. In 16 centuries metaphase, the red coral commerce with coastal mediterranean flourishs very, created the classic of Gong Shanhu art with a lot of extremely high value consequently. When this age bound Gong Shanhu's catch is in every year 100 to 400 tons between, what its price is gold more is severalfold and even ten times. Make an appointment with 70 % to produce among them from Pacific Ocean sea area, basically include and other places of former archipelago of ball of island of Hawaiian, midway, Liu and small large bamboo hat. The international market of red coral fishery also arrives by Mediterranean move in Pacific Ocean, western sea area, year trade the quantity ever was as high as 10 much dollars.

Gong Shanhu is a kind of important marine biology resource, because collect,scoop up excessive, resource is in severe danger with each passing day. Current our country already labelled Gong Shanhu national Ⅰ class to protect wild animal. Hainan province sea area is vast, marine resource has not investigate Hunan completely clear, hiding likely in our country Nanhai Gong Shanhu abounds resource and fishing ground, awaiting us to explore and be developed scientificly use.

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