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The craft strain of shopping heaven is listed

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Block picture

Consider with high-grade lumber mosaic, modelling abstraction, have contemporary breath and anaglyph feeling, have original and wonderful show to female human body especially.


Varied, annatto is carved, come greatly luxurious family property, small furnish to desk; Have beautiful pear woodcarving, family property of old supreme files, small provide to practical technology cup and wine etc, tea service. Material of beautiful pear duramen is medicine just, the tea set that makes with its waters can fall blood pressure, treat gastric disease.

Root carve

Carve having a root is drawn and all sorts of root carve, especially a few large root carve, the person is average tall, hundreds jins are weighed, be not old root of virgin forest antique cannot vulture is become. This content answer only Hainan has, is he in but ever a few see you later?

Ox horn carve

The yellow ox horn that uses Hainan and buffalo horn sculpture, joining together and into. Carve of Hainan ox horn is with animal model long, among them the modelling gas charm such as sea fish, eagle, peacock is vivid, the curve is beautiful, have higher aesthetic value, in get domestic and internationally reputably.

Hainan ormosia

Bead circle is qualitative delicacy of hard, colour and lustre is infra-red, there still is one macula above, shape is like lovesickness tear. Outside eliminating the direct sale that install a box, still be strung together the headgear such as catenary of necklace, hand, it is the characteristic souvenir of love of expression of heavy in order to of valence cheap affection and friendship.

Cane implement

With all sorts of handicraft that Hainan Sargent gloryvine, Bai Teng weaves, beautiful and tough, smooth, easy, strong and durable. Main breed has: Carry screen of chair of a bamboo basket of basket, night, cane, flowerpot wearing, calligraphy and painting to see etc.

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