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Conch series product

Varied conch snail carapace, appearance is peculiar, colour spot calumniate. Among them carapace of ear of shellfish of tiger spot shellfish, Bai Yubei, luminous shellfish, 5 ungual snail, pig mother snail, pearl shell, chaste snail, Tang Guan snail, 7 horn, pig, and the horse's hoof snail that can make ashtray, large part snail of piscatorial action bugle is waited a moment, it is provoking the natural handicraft that love, consumed is slippery sleek sea conch carve, enchase those who make all sorts of painted screen, implemental, decoration, have nature of bright and beautiful of colour and lustre, the characteristic with rare and refined style. Conch is made again varied practical handicraft, if wine is provided, place, hang, necklace pectoral, elegant and showily not inferior jade. Shell carving also has distinguishing feature very much. Craft of Hainan shell carving has very high level in bright generation, and be united in wedlock with old coconut carving technology gradually rise, form distinctive artistic color. The Hainan shell carving that refines generally, go all out with coconut carving close, enchase and become, perhaps make with coconut carving frame. The coconut carving of the shell carving of bright and beautiful and of primitive simplicity is comparative and intense, seize person eye eye. In recent years, small all sorts of shell carving that with coconut the Hainan famous places and historical sites such as crater of mountain of Lin Fengguang, the remotest corners of the earth, 5 fair ancestral temple, saddle is a problem to be made are drawn, tourist of very objective existence welcomes.

Butterfly wing picture and other use product of plant specimen series

It is main material with butterfly wing, use its unique figure, use special technology to spell those who stick to have the craft picture of effect of canvas, traditional Chinese painting, gouache. This picture pure handiwork is made, raw material is precious, it is high-grade artwork, have taller view and admire value and collect value, ever by holding of receive and keep of museum of the Imperial Palace. The butterfly picture that at present Hainan makes has a variety of 200 norms and variety. Hainan forest is enclothed rate 51.5% , butterfly is resourceful, have 500 in all a variety of, wait with hill of aiguille mountain, condole collect especially a mountainous area for most. In all sorts of butterfly, golden Ban Fengdie, grain of Feng Die of the broadband that appear a wing, arrow beautiful a kind of butterfly harmful to corp plants, peck butterfly, violet Guang Die belong to domestic rare breed, those amounts are large and do not protect the butterfly resource breed in the country, the production that for Hainan butterfly wing draws offerred advantaged condition.

Hub picture

The decorative pattern of the lumber of natural qualitative change in using tropical virgin forest goes all out to stick and be become, conceive peculiar, fine interesting day to become, plain and nature of press close to, lovely. Block picture considers with high-grade lumber mosaic, modelling abstraction has contemporary breath and anaglyph feeling, have original and wonderful show to female human body especially.
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