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The series of Hainan special local product of shopping heaven

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Li Jin
Li Jin is a of Chinese spin art strange flower. It makes choiceness, colourful, be full of hyperbole and romantic colour, design decorative pattern is elegant, match in order to mediate, birds and beasts, flowers and plants, character is lifelike, in spin, knit, catch, embroider respect all has this ethical distinguishing feature.
Canister skirt
Canister skirt has the branch of long canister, short canister. No matter grow canister, short canister, the impression has only black, blue 2 kinds, use all sorts of color lines additionally to weave figure of flower, bird, bug, animal, figure or geometrical design, colour is gorgeous. Every time festival, girl of the Li nationality wears canister skirt, line is mixed with chromatic babushka jacket of embroider edge front of a garment, festively singing and dancing. Flowery canister skirt, it is woman of the Li nationality the crystallization of laborious wisdom, acting acting according to legend, everybody can be knitted, they use the ” of “ crouch loom that simple bamboo, wood forms only, need not design, can knit an elegant design decorative pattern.
Hainan agalloch eaglewood
The agalloch eaglewood that Hainan virgin forest produces, each country of sell like hot cakes of all through the ages, the price is high, at present producing area buys price every kilograms reach 460 yuan for 380 yuan, classy or price of special grade agalloch eaglewood is higher, show continue to rise posture. Precious tree plants Hainan the current situation that face very not hopeful. Precious and agrestic those who plant a variety of trees is very few, the true however somebody that cultivates secretly is in, not complete also now disappeared. Fang Hong of general manager of park of forest of aiguille mountain country introduces: 11 kinds of tree such as the wood of sightseeing of mountain of aiguille of primitive forest zone with the biggest Hainan are disappeared already, 56 kinds become precious rare endangered plant, plant of manhood of Hainan thick Chinese torreya only remnant makes an appointment with 1000 individual plant, hua Li, agalloch eaglewood looks for a trace hard already.
Hub picture
The decorative pattern that hub picture is the lumber of natural qualitative change in using tropical virgin forest goes all out to stick and be become, conceive peculiar, fine interesting day to become, plain and nature of press close to, lovely. Block picture is to use high-grade lumber to consider mosaic, modelling abstraction, have contemporary breath and anaglyph feeling, have original and wonderful show to female human body especially.
Ormosia goods
Circle of Hainan ormosia bead is qualitative hard, lubricious interpret is bright red outside, there still is one macula above, shape is like lovesickness tear. Outside eliminating the direct sale that install a box, still be strung together the headgear such as catenary of necklace, hand, it is valence cheap affection the characteristic souvenir of love of expression of heavy, in order to and friendship.
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