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The series of Hainan special local product of shopping heaven

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Product of coconut carving series
Coconut carving, it is the handicraft that be made with coconut shell carve and becomes, modelling is novel and diversiform, tonal of primitive simplicity is refined, have distinctive artistic color and rich Hainan color. Origin of Hainan coconut carving is long. Be in early Tang Dynasty begins to make goblet with coconut shell with respect to somebody. Land chelonian cheats person of late Tang poetry to already cup of “ wine full coco disinfects mist ” line. Especially monkey of deeply welcome coconut younger sister, coco with former coco brief quarter, lifelike, be full of natural and plain beauty. Coconut carving has all sorts of having to enjoy a sex place, condole and hold an artistic quality, practical articles for daily use concurrently, produced coconut carving picture again in recent years, the wind of its of primitive simplicity, of conception artful, the interest of modelling, add spring scenery again for traditional coconut carving.
Ox horn carve
The yellow ox horn that ox horn carve produces with Hainan and buffalo horn sculpture, joining together and house. Carve of Hainan ox horn is with animal model long, among them the modelling gas charm such as sea fish, eagle, peacock is vivid, the curve is beautiful, have higher aesthetic value, in get domestic and internationally reputably.
Shellfish goods
Varied conch snail carapace, appearance is peculiar, glow. Among them carapace of ear of shellfish of tiger spot shellfish, Bai Yubei, luminous shellfish, 5 ungual snail, pig mother snail, pearl shell, chaste snail, Tang Guan snail, 7 horn, pig, and the horse's hoof snail that can make ashtray, fisherman is waited a moment with the large part snail that makes bugle call, it is provoking the natural handicraft that love.
Ethical handicraft
The famousest is textile of the Li nationality, have skirt of act of Li Jin, goosefoot, goosefoot, hang bag, babushka, beautiful belt to wait, design division at nature, abstraction is out of shape. The choiceness that make, some still embeds compose gold-rimmed silver line, mother, conch, wear bead, copper cash, colourful, style Chinese hackberrya is thick, abound adornment sex. Miao Zu textile, as elegant like goosefoot textile, especially its wax printing, plain in give clever show fully, beauty spills over in dignified, have distinguishing feature oneself. In addition, of goosefoot, Miao Zu adorn article have silver, copper, shellfish, can make commemoration day.
Wax printing and knitting
Wax printing and needle show are the civilian convention work with old and long Miao Zu, also be Miao Zu brethren most the adornment that love. To make wax printing, women select a specific plant from hill, deserve to go up after pound other dye, quality element dye is made after the course ferments, the tool with pallet have the aid of, pass those who relapse a few times to float catch and air, reoccupy white wax is adorned, can will spin with earth woven the material that become hand-woven cloth wax printing becomes different color.
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