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The Hainan tropics fruit of shopping heaven

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Fruit of renown Buddha head, produce intertropical America formerly, for intertropical name fruit, fructification is globose and aggregate fruit, edible part is aril, ivory, smell is extremely sweet, have scent, fructification nutrition is rich, its charcoal is hydrate, protein, adipose first what reach the content of iron to reside major fruit, outside be being fed except delicacy, still can make conserve, wine, drink, its root can make cathartic, xie Ke makes cut disinfect.
Renown Chinese flowering quince, primary product America is intertropical, element has beauty of " of fruit of the beautiful austral " mountain praise, contain a variety of vitamins (especially A) , the quantity that contain sugar is inferior, for fruit of beautiful of be eaten together with rice or bread, conduce to reduce weight. Fructification is fed except delicacy outside, unripe fruit can make preserved fruit, conserve, can, also can make wine, be used as medicine.
If really elliptic or form pouring egg. Peel lemon yellow, pulp orange yellow, juice is much, contain fruit acerbity 3%~4% , small have acrid, commonly used will make citric tea, citric fruit juice with black tea, candy, heart of faint scent bright.
Fructification circle, fleshy qualitative white is tender slip, flavour Qing Dynasty is sweet and balmy, fructification contains riboflavin, a variety of vitamins such as carotene, can treat haemorrhage of diabetic, diarrhoea, cut, toothache to wait. Main breed has Gong Fengong, drunk red, ripe in July etc.
Edible part is aril, ivory, smell is extremely sweet, have scent, nutrition is rich, its carbohydrate, protein, adipose first what reach iron.
Shan Zhu:
Fructification is globose, peel is thicker, black Brown, white pulp, the flesh is qualitative tender slippery smell is sweet, quality is good, of the " after having " intertropical fruit say.
Fruit cylinder form, pinecone flavour, flaxen or pulp is golden color, the flesh is thick juicily, sweet fragile goluptious. Pineapple local color is distinctive, nutrient value is high, it is one of 4 big intertropical fruits. Fructification contains pineapple enzymatic, helpful digestive protein, study the effect such as bronchitic, diuresis.
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