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The Hainan tropics fruit of shopping heaven

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Pineapple honey:
The name cultivates pineapple, former koel, Malaixi comes, the beauty that element has " of " fruit empress praise, fructification circle comes long elliptic, pulp is golden, the flesh pledges or the oar pledges, aroma waves excessive, delicacy feeds bright slippery, sweet like honey. Kind the nucleus contains rich starch, adipose, protein, thoroughly cook but edible, delicious be like chestnut, can order a woman disease of postpartum and galactic lack.
Produce Australia and South America Brazil formerly, renown 100 sweet fruit, there are 165 kinds of compounds in fruit juice, make special fragrance, contain a variety of fruity special flavor such as guava, pineapple, mango, orange, citric, banana, apple, smoked plum, fructification is a circle, the peel when maturity shows deep yellow or amaranth, fruit juice delicacy is yellow, local color is thick, have raise Yan Meirong, eliminate exhaustion, prevent consenescence, make the use such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis, direct edible juice, also can make drink of advanced natural fruit juice.
  Produce India, Vietnam formerly, china already had helped advance somebody's career 2000 the history, fleshy qualitative bacca, egg shape or chief elliptical written complaint, it is 5 arris form normally, pulp orange color is yellow, fleshy thick juice is much, fruit flavour Qing Dynasty is sweet, have sweet taste, contain carotene, sulfur amine element, riboflavin, Buddhist nun overcomes acid and ascorbic acid, have certain and auxiliary curative effect to disease of intestines and stomach, respiratory system. Main breed: Carambola of sweet silk of carambola of Malaysia sweet honey, Taiwan.
Alias longan, shape is like eyeball, friend calls " longan " , primary product country the south and Vietnam north, it is the special local product with South Asia famous tropics, fruit carapace is cinnamon, smooth and beautiful, flaxen or pulp is ivory, bright fragile pliable but strong slippery, flavour is close sweet strange sweet, juice is much, main breed: Xia of blessing eye, stone.
Produce our country south formerly, have in China 1500 the history, gains is minor, berry shows long heart-shaped form, elliptic, pulp is tender slippery much sweat, acid is sweet goluptious, have special taste, have be good at lienal appetizing disappear is phlegmy change lung of gas, embellish to relieve a cough wait for effect. Can machine achievement chest, jelly and beverage, main breed: Big heart-shaped, red mouth heart-shaped.
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